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The US Supreme Court is our federal government’s judicial branch, with life appointment judges, but not as protected as the executive and legislature branches.

Recently, the Justice Department was attacked from within by leaking its proceedings before the established protocol for court-released decisions. There are around 80 people who would have had access to the leaked document; This includes the judges, clerks and staff.

Anger over the possible fall of Roe v. Wade has fueled illegal protesters at these judges’ homes without the executive branch enforcing a 1950 law prohibiting picketing or parading outside a courthouse or a judge’s home with intent to obstruct justice or influence a judge.

The above contributed to a California man armed with a pistol, knife, pepper spray and burglary tools who was arrested near Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home. The US Senate unanimously passed legislation on May 9 increasing personal safety and other protections for Supreme Court justices and their families.

But Democrats in the US House of Representatives, led by Nancy Pelosi, say the bill doesn’t go far enough on safeguards and want it expanded to include safeguards for legal employees and staff working on the Supreme Court. This fails the olfactory test as the SCOTUS leaker is still employed, no suspect has been arrested and the leaker may be covered by the proposed bill per Pelosi. Could this be a ploy to protect those in government who work against the people?

Robert meal

crystal lake

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