Student government outlines semester plans

Baylor University is holding a student council meeting. Photo courtesy of Baylor Student Government

By Ana Ruiz Brictson | Staff writer

Baylors student management The Senate Executive Council (SEC) will work on a number of projects to help improve academics and student, staff and faculty organizations.

Dallas Sr. and Chair of Academic Affairs at the SEC Harper Taylor said her team will be working academically with students, teachers, faculty, graduate students and even teaching assistants this semester.

According to Taylor, one of the projects her team has worked on belongs to the ROTC department. Their current goal is to have a minor or sub-major designation for ROTC and Airforce. She said most other schools have one, Baylor doesn’t. She said she worked closely with the lieutenant colonel at Baylor to resolve the matter.

Taylor also said other members of her group strive to ensure cheer teams have the same credits as other sports teams.

“Some of my members work with the Cheer team to sort of train to give them lifetime fitness credit, much like other sports get one,” Taylor said.

Some other projects Taylor says her team are working on include adding more resources to the curriculum and working out various breaks for this semester.

In addition, the SEC is working on the possibility of adding a grant or funding facilitation program for graduate students, professors, and teaching assistants.

Clay Jeha, a San Francisco junior senator and chair of the student government finance committee, said he is currently working on passing student government assertion funds (SGAF) to next year’s new team instead of returning them to Baylor.

“Essentially everything that we don’t spend from SGAF now or for the past few years goes back into Baylor’s general fund,” Jeha said. “The student government somehow loses the ability to have a say in what the general fund is used for.”

Jeha said it was one of his individual goals, which will also benefit the incoming students who join the student government. He also said that this project is currently being discussed with the university.

Jeha said another of his main goals is to target multicultural organizations that don’t get enough funding from the student government as Greek organizations get more funding. He said they will focus more on these organizations this semester.

Within the three branches of student representation Betsy Morello, Jefferson City, Mo., sophomore and associate justice, said the judiciary will continue to look at student parking tickets and determine whether tickets should be appealed or whether they need to be reversed.

Morello said there is currently one vacancy in the judiciary and that applications are open to interested students.

Student administration will work on several projects throughout the semester to improve student, staff and faculty life on campus.

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