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The meeting was called at 6:03 p.m., and land recognition took place immediately afterwards. The minutes were recorded during the entire meeting along with a video recording via Zoom. No objections were raised to the agenda of the meeting.

The Justice Department is currently looking for an open position in their department, and are currently conducting a survey for students on how the ASSOU could improve.

ASSOU cabinet is currently working on gaining access to the site to do PR and has helped recruit the new Finance Director and Administrative Director for the ASSOU.

The administration reminded everyone that face-to-face tuition will return next week. However, the mask mandate and the campus approval for participation in events still exist.

Campus Life and Housing is currently looking for employees. All dormitories on campus are seeking a president, vice president, and committee members. In each dormitory, the positions of President and Vice-Presidents will be determined by October 11thNS.

The club director is currently looking for students who want to start new clubs this semester.

Holly Gabriel of Open Educational Resources was there to give a presentation of OER’s achievements over the summer, including lesson plans to avoid showing course materials, the cost of textbooks, and a link to the bookstore website on a winter 2022 lesson plan page. You are also in the process of developing an affordable textbook concept. OER is currently looking for a student for its advisory board.

Mason Healy-Patterson and Luke Williams made a proposal for an ad hoc committee. Both are looking for ways to address the under-use of Navigate, especially among upper-class students. Both want to form an ad hoc committee of ASSOU to improve Navigate and encourage students to use the app more. If you’ve used Navigate, email Mason Healy-Patterson ([email protected]) and Luke Williams ([email protected]) with suggestions on how to improve the app.

There was the swearing in of two new ASSOU directors, Dallas Ransom (Finance Director) and Tiana Gilliland (Administrative Director).

Rebekah Kenney sought the position of a nontraditional senator and after the interview ASSOU unanimously selected Rebekah as a nontraditional senator and was sworn in.

ASSOU will meet in person next Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in the Game Room of the Stevenson Union. Students are welcome to meet with the ASSOU to suggest more fun on campus and play games with them.

A Speed ​​Friend Event will take place next Thursday at 7.30 p.m. in the ASSOU Lounge in the Stevenson Union. Come by and make lots of friends!

There was a discussion about the future ASSOU meetings which asked whether there should be a hybrid meeting option that takes place on both Zoom and in person. Next Tuesday the ASSOU meeting will be online, where you can decide how the future meetings will go.

ASSOU is currently seeking a Director of Government Affairs.

The sitting was suspended at 7.34 p. M.

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