The number of election workers in the Oshkosh Public Library is higher than that of voters in April 2021.

By Miles Maguire

Four challengers and the two incumbents met the deadline to appear on the ballot for the Oshkosh School Board, which will establish an elementary school on February 15.

Meanwhile, only one candidate has emerged to challenge the three incumbent members of the Joint Council, and the District Board of Directors is represented everywhere, with some of the 36 seats drawing no candidates, most incumbents facing no opposition, and only requiring two primaries.

School Board President Bob Poeschl is seeking the position of supervisor for District 19, where he will face Edward Demler.

An incumbent district judge will stand for election without objection. The other two judicial authorities have multiple candidates in this year’s election.

The candidates for the school management are:

  • Stephanie Carlin (incumbent)
  • Kelly DeWitt
  • Sara Noe
  • Casey Radtke
  • Liz Szilagyi (incumbent)
  • Matthew Tooke

The candidates for the Joint Council are:

  • Lynnsey Erickson (incumbent)
  • Michael Ford (incumbent)
  • Matt Mugerauer (incumbent)
  • Robert E. Wilcox

The candidates for the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors are:

This map shows the supervisory districts for city dwellers.
  • District 1: Rachael Dowling. (Incumbent Thomas Konetzke did not stand for re-election.)
  • District 2: No candidate (Incumbent Michael Brunn did not run for re-election.)
  • District 3: incumbent Thomas Borchart
  • District 4: incumbent Paul Eisen
  • District 5: Katherine (Kay) Horan. (Incumbent Shiloh Ramos did not run for re-election.)
  • District 6: Incumbent Brian Defferding
  • District 7: Rhonda Ellenberger and Kelly Fahrenkrug. (Incumbent Steven Lenz did not propose re-election.)
  • District 8: incumbent Jim Wise
  • District 9: incumbent Donald Nussbaum
  • District 10: Incumbent Bryan Stafford
  • District 11: incumbent David Albrecht and challenger Joshua Vincent
  • District 12: Incumbent Maribeth Gabert
  • District 13: Incumbent Steven Binder
  • District 14: Thomas Swan (incumbent Kevin Konrad did not want to be re-elected).
  • District 15: Krystopher Driscoll and Edward Michael Robinson. (The incumbent Vicki Schorse did not run for re-election.)
  • District 16: Not a candidate
  • District 17: Incumbent Julie Gordon
  • District 18: Garth Seiler, James Ponzer and Philip Walker. A primary election will take place on February 15 to narrow the field down to two candidates. (Incumbent Bill Wingren has not requested re-election.)
  • District 19: Edward Demler and Bob Poeschl. (Incumbent Larry Lautenschlager did not propose re-election.)
  • District 20: Incumbent Michael Norton and challenger Eric Vlach
  • District 21: Incumbent John Hinz
  • District 22: Incumbent Doug Zellmer
  • District 23: incumbent Koby Schellenger
  • District 24: incumbent Andy Buck and challenger Lorenz Scherzer
  • District 25: Not a Candidate (Incumbent Karen Powers missed the 5:00 a.m. deadline, but signed up as a write-in candidate.)
  • District 26: Conley Hanson. (Incumbent Susan Locke did not request re-election but failed to submit a non-candidacy, so the deadline for submitting nomination papers has been extended to 5:00 p.m. Friday for everyone but the incumbent.)
  • District 27: Incumbent Morris Cox
  • District 28: Nate Gustafson. (Incumbent Jerry Finch did not run for re-election.)
  • District 29: Incumbent Rachel Youngquist
  • District 30: incumbent Chuck Farrey
  • District 31: Ralph Harrison and Joseph Connelly (Incumbent Joel Rasmussen did not request re-election.)
  • District 32: Incumbent Robert Keller and challenger Shanah Zastera
  • District 33: Incumbent Thomas Egan
  • District 34: Jeffrey Beem, John R. Höft II, and Edward Jeziorny. A primary election will take place on February 15 to narrow the field down to two candidates. (Incumbent Thomas Ellis did not run for re-election.)
  • District 35: Heidi Henkel-Hanke. (Incumbent Tom Snider did not run for re-election.)
  • District 36: Howard Miller (Incumbent Ben Joas did not request re-election.)

The candidates for the Winnebago District Court are:

For branch 3:

  • Lisa Kruger
  • Bryan D. Keberlein
  • Ben Szilagyi (pending approval)

For branch 5:

  • Mike Gibbs
  • LaKeisha D. Haase (incumbent)

For branch 6:

  • John A. Jorgensen (incumbent)