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Thoughts on elections

Very good article on an election probe in Montana that is being pushed. May I share some of my personal views on the last parliamentary elections?

First, I don’t think an election test in Montana is warranted or necessary; the election results have already been confirmed.

Second, the predominant question may be the definition of who is a permanent citizen; this is not defined in the current state law. Usually this means that once you have chosen to register in that state, not only will you reside there, but you will also pay your taxes and register your vehicle there; Please get a local driver’s license there. It’s about where you want to live in the long term.

Third, you can only have a primary residence, not your temporary or vacation residence, for elective purposes.

I don’t believe “non-resident” college students are allowed to vote in local elections unless they choose to become residents of Montana during that time. There must be a uniform definition of state residence.

After all, all US citizens of legal age have the constitutional right to vote. Everyone born in the United States is a US citizen regardless of their origin.

My biggest fear is that some elements of a current major political party will become more “nationalist”, dare I say “fascist”. Not good for the future.

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