Trump publishes letter from ex-US attorney criticizing the Justice Department’s handling of election fraud allegations


A former Pennsylvania federal attorney said he disagreed with the Justice Department on how to deal with allegations of election fraud and election irregularities, according to a letter from ex-President Donald Trump.

William McSwain, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 2018 to January 2021, wrote to Trump in June expressing dismay at the instructions allegedly received from former Attorney General William Barr.

“On election day and after, our office received various allegations of election fraud and election irregularities,” the letter said. “As part of my responsibilities as a US attorney, I wanted to be transparent to the public and, of course, fully investigate all allegations. However, Attorney General Barr directed me not to make any public statements or press releases about possible irregularities in the elections. I was also instructed to refer serious allegations to the attorney general for investigation – the same attorney general who said you can’t win. “

McSwain wrote that he “disagreed with this decision,” but noted that he was a Marine officer, so he would obey his manager’s orders even if he disagreed with them.

“The US attorney from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania was banned from investigating election fraud allegations. Outrageous!” Trump said that in a separate statement.

Barr issued a memo in November authorizing US attorneys to investigate “substantial allegations” of electoral irregularities before confirming the election. He later said publicly that the Justice Department did not see the fraud as sufficient to change the outcome of the 2020 election.

Barr said he believed Trump’s main allegations of electoral fraud were “all cops ***,” according to an article published by Atlantic last month.

Pennsylvania is a state won by President Joe Biden last year where post-election exams have shown no widespread fraud. Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who said the state had found “absolutely no evidence” of widespread electoral fraud, was criticized by Republicans for tweeting a few days before the November election: “Trump will lose. “He said, however, that this would be the case if in Pennsylvania” all votes were added together. “


The state’s GOP-led Senate is underway to conduct an Arizona-style “forensic investigation” that prompted the State Department of Pennsylvania to warn that any optional equipment passed to “third-party companies” will be decertified.

In the same letter sent Monday by Trump’s PAC Save America, McSwain said the former president was “rightly angry” about how Democratic officials in his state conducted the 2020 elections. McSwain also said he intends to run for Pennsylvania governor in 2022 and spoke about electoral reforms he would support.

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