US MP Clyburn supports Devine in the Columbia mayor’s race


COLUMBIA, SC (AP) – US MP Jim Clyburn endorses Columbia City member Tameika Isaac Devine as the next mayor of the capital of South Carolina.

The support of Devine from the steps of the town hall on Monday is the latest confirmation in a friendly but spirited race for the town from Mayor Steve Benjamin, who decided not to run for re-election after 11 years.

Benjamin supported one of Devine’s opponents last month, Attorney Sam Johnson, who volunteered for the mayor’s first election campaign in 2010 and served as an adjutant before joining a private law firm.

Johnson and Devine in the November 2nd elections will be joined by current city council member Daniel Rickenmann and former city councilor Moe Baddourah.

When endorsing Johnson, Benjamin said he would like all four candidates to replace him, and Clyburn also said Monday he had no problems with anyone in the race.

“This young lady has proven time and time again that she is ready to run this town,” said Clyburn. “I believe that if she gets the chance, she’ll be ready to take the lead on day one.”

Devine, who has served on the city council for 19 years, said she was honored to have the endorsement of the longest-serving congressman in the state, first elected in 1992.

“He is a citizen of Colombia; He worked really hard for the community. He knows all the candidates and he knows what we’ve done. So it means a lot to him to influence the mayor’s race and have faith in me to represent the citizens of Colombia, ”said Devine.

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