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“In a world where…” (line by movie trailer narrator Don LaFontaine) medical professionals who “must do no harm” (Hippocratic Oath) embrace a fallacious concept called “transgenderism” as a justification for the use of drugs and irreversible surgery to “correct” a perceived biological “fault”;

In a world where… the “CDC bought collected phone location data to track COVID lockdown compliance” (“citizen control, not disease control”). “[It’s] intentionally created an open list of use cases…monitoring of curfews, neighbor-to-neighbor visits, visits to churches, schools, and pharmacies…data specifically focused on “violence”. (Leslie Eastman, legalinsurrection.com)

In a world where “riot” is some runaway protesters in our nation’s capital who have injured some, destroyed little and only delayed the voter count – but not thousands of rioters, arsonists, murderers and destroyers/occupiers of county stations and federal buildings;

In a world where…such protests/riots are termed “protected free speech” but actual “words” are termed “violence” subject to government-backed propaganda, by a “Misinformation Governance Board” within the Department of Homeland Security with thousands of taxpayers -funded guns, lawyers, judges (and jail cells) for police “speech”;

In a world where our Constitution does not say a word about “privacy,” let alone “abortion,” but focuses on crucial issues of representative democracy, the overriding principle is that the people and their legislators make laws on such issues;

In a world where… “The most powerful political office in the executive branch of government, the office of President, now the political, potentially violent, bias toward the judges within the most powerful office of the judiciary, the President, supports Supreme Court justices.” (Sundance, The Last Refuge)

Jonathan Turley: “The White House’s ‘failure to take a stand’ on attacking judges in their homes today is one of the most profound moments in American politics. We’ve finally hit the cornerstone of anger in American politics…” All because SCOTUS Roe v. could overthrow Wade — a usurpation of government by the legislature — and return abortion laws to states.

Smart progressives on MSNBCNN, the networks, the NYTimes and the Washington Post screech (literally) about imaginary limitations on rights (rejected by Judge Alito’s ruling); and hand-wringing over fantasies of Christian and MAGA bullies targeting abortion protesters. Ironically, the only violence has been perpetrated by pro-abortionists against police officers, ministers and a pro-life center; and implied by the despicable tactic of protesting outside the homes of Supreme Court justices and attacking church services on Mother’s Day of all days.

Protesters at judges’ homes should be thrown in jail by federal law, while church intruders should be met not with prayer and patience but with the burliest Christian worshipers throwing them on their butts with excuses for not having their pretty ones faces.

I know where most locals, even most voters, stand on the right/left divide. For the left-leaning among us, see if a caricature of self-proclaimed liberal Colin Wright rings true: Timeline 2008 shows a conservative stick figure on the “right hand,” Colin as “I” slightly left of center, “My fellow liberal” right on the left side; everyone was happy.

By 2012, the cheerful conservative remains unperturbed, “my liberal fellow citizen” keeps running to the left, while “I” (Colin) now stands closer to the center with a worried but unchanged look. By the 2021 line, the “woke progressive (WP)” who used to be “my fellow Liberal” is pushed far to the left and now calls “me” a “bigot!” This shifts the “center” to the left of “me,” the is now on the right, closer to the “conservatives” who haven’t changed position, but “LOLs” say that “me” is more conservative now.

Installed President Joe Biden, not unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, castigates and demonizes an entire political movement, arguably the entire Republican Party. Biden: “This MAGA crowd is truly the most extreme political organization that has existed [recent] American History.”

For real? More extreme than: the KKK, the anti-black rights Democrat terrorists; the SDS/Weathermen, arguably the anti-war terrorist arm of the Democratic Party (over 200 bombs, several dead); Occupy Wall Street, enabled by Democratic authorities to lawlessly and violently occupy public spaces; Antifa/BLM Riots, Billions in Damage, Dozens Dead, With No Democrat Condemnation?

Joe Biden went from “No Malarkey” to All Malarkey all the time. Opinions aside, polls don’t lie: In a rematch, Biden gets just 36% versus Trump’s 50% — meaning Trump gets 63% of the binary vote. No way, 40% think, “Heckuva job, Joe.” More Americans want to see Trump run than Joe Biden (23% to 19%). Hispanic approval is only 43%.

Only 20-30% think the economy is even doing ‘fairly well’, while almost 70% vote ‘very/fairly badly’.

They say a majority supports keeping Roe and no abortion restrictions, which are two different things. Most simply don’t know that access to abortion will remain: all laws exclude rape, incest and maternal health (2% of all abortions). 70% oppose all abortions or support some restrictions; about 90% of abortions occur in the first trimester (13 weeks).

A small minority supports abortion throughout pregnancy. Still, 48 Democratic senators voted in favor of a radical abortion-to-birth law. CNN: 38% (of midterm voters) will be happy if Roe v. Wade is lifted; only 20% will be angry. Joe Biden: “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision [Roe v. Wade]. I think it went too far… I don’t think a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.” (1973)

“Polls show the American people are not siding with the Democratic position of Abortion Without Borders” (by Rebecca Downs). “Alito’s Verdict Is What Most People Want About Abortion” (by Timothy P. Carney).

Read it; do not deny it; you can’t refute it.

Don Polson has called Red Bluff home since 1988. He can be reached via email at [email protected]

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